#AwkwardWhiteGirl Is Another Hashtag People are Actually Using


I met a kid this past year at college who once told me, “He didn’t do Facebook.” At the time, I thought he was just a pretentious hipster who believed he was above everyone else. However, after today, I’m starting to understand his disdain for social media a little bit more.

The hashtag #AwkwardWhiteGirl has now become a thing that people are doing all over Twitter and Instagram, and I can’t understand why it exists. I guess, somehow, a large group of self-interested girls thought it would be funny or cute to just tweet or post pictures about their seemingly normal, boring, and ordinary lives while adding an obnoxious hashtag. For example, one girl tweeted, “Went to Starbucks and then just drank water. That I brought. #AwkwardWhiteGirl.” Riveting stuff, right?

I’m a big supporter of social media. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram constantly. I use hashtags and have been doing the #100happydays challenge, taking a picture of something each day that makes me happy and then posting it on Instagram. However, I’m using these forms of social media as a means of communicating with friends or family or as a way to express myself, not as a self-indulgent digital diary of the monotonous and mundane activities of my every day life.

I joke about things like this being signs of the coming apocalypse, but I still think there’s a major issue with how obsessed people are becoming with their virtual lives instead of their actual lives today. People care more about “likes” or “retweets” than actually making real, live friends, and it’s spawning a culture of self-indulgent teens that need to make every simple moment of their lives feel special because it’s documented online.

Okay, sorry. Angry old man rant is over now. But seriously, guys. #AwkwardWhiteGirl is totally ridiculous and needs to end. Preferably soon.


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