If You’re Interested, Here’s How to Lucid Dream Tonight

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Dreams are great escapes from reality, where we get to be someone or do something that we might never have the opportunity to be or do in the real world. We let ourselves just fade into our dreams, melting into a reality that we might not understand or be able to control. But what if we knew that we were dreaming and possessed the ability to manipulate the dreams the way we wanted them to be? Ever since Inception came out, and I first learned what lucid dreaming was, I’ve always wanted to learn more about it and, somehow, master it.  After doing some research, I’ve discovered a couple of strategies that work for most people.

Here’s how to lucid dream tonight in six (hopefully easy) steps:

Step #1:  Throughout the day, keep looking down at your hands for at least ten seconds, if not more. By doing this, you hopefully be able to notice any changes between your hands in reality and your hands in the dream (nail length, scratches, scars, etc.).

Step #2: Before falling asleep at night, say out loud to yourself, “I am going to remember my dream tonight and I am going to dream about…” Continue to repeat this to yourself again and again. It will  hopefully increase your ability to remember your dreams.

Step #3:  This one might sound a little silly, but repeatedly ask yourself if you’re dreaming throughout the day. Even if you’re 99% positive that you’re awake, just ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” This will hopefully prompt you to ask yourself this question while you are actually dreaming.

Step #4: The good old fashioned “pinch test,” if you are unsure if you are dreaming, give yourself a pinch. If you are dreaming you won’t be able to feel this, so then you will know that you are dreaming.

Step #5: Write about your dreams. Keep a dream journal and have that journal or some type of notepad next to your bed. No matter what time it is when you wake up, early in the morning, the middle of the night, or your typical wake-up time, write down whatever you can remember about your dream. If you became conscious during your dream, try to write down and describe exactly how it happened and what happened after you realized you were in a dream.

Step #6: Set your alarm clock to wake you up about five and a half hours after you start to go to sleep. Waking up during dreams reportedly helps you remember more specific details about them.

Disclaimer:  Lucid dreaming does take a great amount practice so be patient. Despite the title of this article, it’s not typically something that you can “just do” on the first night that you try to do it. Also, understand that the very shock of realizing that you are dreaming within a dream may wake you up. This can’t be incredibly frustrating if it happens to you but don’t let it deter you from continue to try to lucid dream. Just keep practicing.

When you finally “get it,” it’s a pretty amazing experience, as you’re able to control the situations of your dreams and use them to your own advantage and benefit. Just don’t lose track of what’s real life and what isn’t. You don’t want to turn into Mal from Inception, because there might not be someone like Leo there to try to save you.

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