White House Intern Faints During Press Briefing

White House Intern Faints

Well, new White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest may have had two of the most interesting first interesting days I’ve ever seen anyone have for any job. On Monday, his first day as White House Press Secretary, Earnest got into an argument with a couple of reporters about whether or not he had answered a question earlier right as the briefing he was giving was ending. Then, yesterday, something even more shocking happened – a White House intern fainted during the middle of a press briefing Earnest was giving, forcing the press secretary to end the meeting early to make sure that the intern who fainted was okay.

Jennifer Bendery of the Huffington Post offers more information on the incident and the intern herself:

A White House official tells me it was the intern’s first day here (and asked that I don’t use her name), along with a group of other brand new comms interns. Earnest and Eric Schultz rushed water over to her, and another aide brought out a small box of m&ms.

The intern told me she had been feeling “faint” earlier, but didn’t skip lunch so wasn’t sure why. Today’s briefing was all of the interns’ first time attending a White House briefing, so it should be memorable for them!

You’ll find videos off both Earnest’s argument with reporters and the intern fainting below.  And even though I’d say that Josh Earnest has had a rough first two days on the job, I’m pretty sure that one person who might have had a worse day yesterday than him and that would be the female intern that fainted. Not only did she faint (which just sucks in and of itself) but she fainted in a room full of reporters and press, with cameras surrounding, ensuring that her embarrassing fall would be captured for the entirety of America to watch over and over again.

And as we all know, thanks to the wonderful invention that is YouTube, once there’s a video of your embarrassment, it will exist forever be a part of the beautiful, twisted world that is the internet.

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