Weezer’s Drummer Catches Frisbee During Concert and Continues Playing

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How many people do you know could catch a frisbee while drumming and then keep drumming without missing a beat on stage in front of thousands of people? Well, that’s exactly what Patrick Wilson, drummer for the band Weezer, did at a concert over the weekend in St. Augustine. And to be honest, he almost made it look too easy.

What’s really amazing, as I pointed above and as others have already stated across the internet isn’t so much that Wilson simply catches the frisbee but that it doesn’t cause him to mess up even one beat of the song. I understand that Weezer has been together for years and that Wilson could probably play every single Weezer song in his sleep, but the fact that he doesn’t lose focus at all and can still play the drums that well with only one available hand is pretty freaking awesome.

I’ve always enjoyed Weezer as a band (mostly for their bigger, more popular  songs like “Buddy Holly,” “Island in the Sun,” and “Beverly Hills”) but I would never consider myself a die hard fan. Now, after watching Wilson do this, it totally makes me want to dig into the band’s discography and discover more of their music. If a band can have a drummer that looks so cool and at ease when a frisbee comes flying his way during a set, they definitely have to be worth listening to.

Watch the video below and check out Wilson’s spectacular feat of reflex and talent for yourself.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for MGM Resorts International

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