Watch Kanye West Freestyle Back in 1996

Kanye West 1996

Kanye West is one of the most famous rappers in the world today, but almost twenty years ago, he was just an up-and-coming 19 year old no name freestyling at Fat Beats. This is some pretty crazy, early footage of Kanye, but as you can see, even though he seemed to get off to a rough start at the beginning of his rap, the dude’s always had it, even since his younger days.

What I really wonder is even though Kanye West had his skills back then, did he still have the absurd, borderline ridiculous attitude that he flaunts nowadays, or did that start later in life? We can’t really tell (because Kanye really doesn’t speak in this video), but everything about him, from his clothes to his hair to even the expression on his way and the way he moves just seem different, a little more relaxed, a little more tamed. This gives me the hope that at, at least some point in his life, Kanye didn’t think he was the Second Coming and that maybe he just lost his way somewhere between the Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs and marrying Kim Kardashian.

Although Kanye West just released Yeezus last June, he’s reportedly working on completing his new album, which is supposed to come out at some point this year. Who knows what outrageous (or, in some people’s minds, ingenious) antics Kanye will throw out for his new album, but I’ll tell you this (and I know I’m probably in the minority): if Kanye West’s new album was somehow similar to the music and the person in the video you can watch below, I’d actually pick up a copy for myself instead of ignoring the fact that songs like “Yeezus” exist.

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