Vince Young Says He’s Retired From the NFL

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Former Tennessee Titans superstar quarterback Vince Young is officially retiring from the NFL. In an interview with Brent Carney of KXAN in Austin, Texas, Young said that he considers his NFL to essentially be over. “It’s definitely official I think in my book,” Young said Saturday at his annual football camp. “Unless we get a great opportunity, something guaranteed … other than that I’ve started moving forward in some things.” This decision occurs after Young was let go by the Cleveland Browns, who selected Johnny Manziel during the NFL draft on May 1st. The Browns cut Young on May 12th after his brief appearance during OTAs.

During his rookie season with the Titans back in 2006, Young was an electric offensive weapon and put on such a magnificent performance that he received the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and even made the Pro Bowl. It looked to be the great start of an excellent career for Young, but unfortunately, due to numerous injuries, Vince Young hasn’t been a starting quarterback since 2010 and hasn’t been on the football field at all since 2011.

Another factor that hasn’t helped Young, in addition to his injuries, has been his controversial behavior off the field. Young famously went off on his head coach, Jeff Fischer, after a loss to the Redskins back in 2009, and he declared the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles team “the dream team,” a title that hung around the entirety of that season but was never lived up to by the Eagles’ players.

“I had my ups and downs. I made the mistake of getting in to it with my coach and that kind of hurt me a whole lot,” Young said. “When you go to different teams, they already have a bad perception of you. When that’s out there, there’s nothing you can do.”

With his NFL career most likely over, Young hopes to be an ambassador for his alma mater, the University of Texas. Watch the video of his retire statement below.

Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for ESPN

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