How To Turn an Empty Shed into a Perfect Man Cave

We all know what a man cave is but do any of us really have one?  I mean I know they’re out there.  I know they exist.  I know that there are athletes out there who have put in thousands of dollars to get their basements to look like dreams.  I mean I’ve seen the pictures.   But honestly, ask yourself.  Is there anyone you personally know that has a sick man cave?  I personally don’t know one male in my entire network of human beings that has a man cave.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t take a ton of money or creativity to make a living space that’s suited just for you.  In fact sometimes all you need is an outdoor shed and you can turn it into a virtual Xanadu.  The problem is simple.  People are lazy.  People just don’t want to work and they’ll give up at the first sign of having to do manual labor.

But if you commit to the project you could turn your crappy outdoor shed into one of these:

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