This Is What You Get For Celebrating Too Much When You Win a Bicycle Race

Bike Crash

Were you ever told by your parents that “modesty is the best policy”? Well, apparently that’s one message this cyclist never head when he was younger, as he celebrates a little too much after winning a race, and then proceeds to immediately crash his bike. In the video below, you can watch and see for yourself as the junior winner of the 2014 Tour of Somerville, Noah Granigan, throws his arms into the air as if he had just beat out Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. It’s a short watch (only 15 seconds long) and definitely worth checking out.

I’m never one to make fun of someone when they’re down on their luck, and I really hope that Granigan is okay, but there’s no denying that this video is hysterical. There’s almost nothing funnier than watching someone start to celebrate, to be so sure of how great they are, and then in the next moment, watch them completely fall on their face. The fact that the guy taking the video says, “At least he won,” at the end of it only makes it better.

Now, if I’m being honest, I don’t think Granigan was actually celebrating too much (it wasn’t like he was channeling the cyclist version of DeSean Jackson, whose infamous fumble at the one-yard line still haunts me to this day as an Eagles fan). He just had the bad luck of slipping up at the end of riding an almost perfect race, and in the 21st century, in this day of smartphones and social media, there was no way that his crash would not turn him into a YouTube celebrity.

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