Texas Tech Dismisses Nigel Bethel II for Punching Amber Battle in the Face

Amber Battle

Texas tech has dismissed cornerback Nigel Bethel II after he was involved in a physical altercation with another student athlete during a pick-up basketball game on campus this past Saturday. Amber Battle (photographed above), women’s basketball player for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, who lead the team with 16.4 points per game last year, while also having the team’s most rebounds and assistants, was punched in the face by Nigel Bethel II and will apparently need to have surgery to fix a broken bone.

“Texas Tech Athletics has a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior,” stated Texas Tech in a statement that the school released.

Bethel, who is from Booker T. Washington High School in Miami, was Texas Tech’s highest-rated recruit in its incoming freshman class. He  joined the program this summer was expected to participate in both football and track at Texas Tech.

Punching another person, especially if they are also an athlete at the college you will be attending, is bad enough. However, what really angers and disgusts me about this story is the fact the Nigel Bethel II, who is a man, hit a woman. Sometimes you can blame tension or testosterone or whatever you want to call it for when two guys get into a fight with each other. But for a man to hit a woman? There isn’t nor will there ever be an excuse for that.

Nigel Bethel II should be ashamed of himself and applaud Texas Tech’s actions here. Demand the proper, respectful, and morally right conduct from your athletes and make sure that they are examples for your school community instead of embarrassments.

Photo by Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

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