The Term “Super-Team” Really Needs to Be Retired

This week both Lebron James and Kevin Durant were caught saying that they didn’t think they ever played for a super-team.  Can we just give the term “super-team” a rest here?  I think all of us can agree that an NBA owner (who cares about his team and winning, ahem James Dolan) is going to do everything in their power to win.  If they could sign 5 MVPs to a starting lineup don’t you think they’d do that in a heartbeat if they could?

The term “super-team” is starting to annoying me.  Can’t we just say that owners and GMs did an incredible job of drafting, trading, and maxing their cap space?  Remember.  It’s not the owners and GMs who are making all the rules here.  They are playing the cards they are dealt.  Until the NBA does some kind of flat salary cap or something where teams can only spend X amount, “Super-teams” will exist.

But look at baseball.  Why is it that teams with not particularly high payrolls can become elite teams?  Remember how good the Tampa Bay Rays were?  You don’t hear the MLB throwing around the word “super-team” just because the Yankees used to be stacked with All-Stars and they “bought” their teams.  Maybe there just aren’t enough great NBA talents out there?

Maybe NBA teams need better “farm systems.”  Perhaps better coaching.  I just think there’s way more to look at than simply complaining about great players joining great teams with other great players.  You can’t blame these guys for wanting to win and have a positive working environment for themselves and their families.   Plus,  “super-teams” don’t always work out.  Remember Karl Malone and Gary Payton joining the Lakers?  Exactly.   At some point teams are going to have to buck up and play with the hand their dealt or shut the hell up.

That’s just my opinion, what do I know?


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