Tennessee’s 2018 Hunt for the Golden Quarterback

Tennessee seems to be recruited all too good before the 2018 season, fans could only wish the new players would join preseason camp to be prime once the season kicks off. But while this isn´t happening, it could help Coach Jones keep his job with just one key position to fill in, quarterback.

Tennessee stands 4th in the 247Sports composite teams ranking projection for 2018. Is it a smart move to risk being in the top 5 by trying a new coach?

The top star in the new recruitment list for 2018 includes a top-flight, dual threat quarterback Adrian Martinez.

This is decisive factor for the possible increase in performance for the team, college football has become increasingly quarterback driven in the last couple of seasons, and the chances of competing for a national championship in the hands of a talented quarterback are high.

Coach Jones knowns that better than anyone. His focus ever since joining the team has been an obsession to fill in the quarterback position with someone of great talent. That includes luring four-star recruit Joshua Dobbs away from Arizona State.

But the position is highly coveted by more talented quarterbacks like Quinten Dormady and Jarrett Gurantano, who will take the golden spot? It will all be defined in the preseason. Martinez is still not confirmed, but he could be a strong candidate against Dormady and Guarantano.

There might have been an excess of 4 star recruiting for next season, there just aren´t so many positions for the amount of great names currently on the list. But if the Vols go from 7-5 or even to 8-4, it means coach Jones has done his job. Tennessee could even do better than that next season, they certainly do not lack talent.

The problem with coach Jones is player development compared to recruiting overall these 4 seasons. Despite all the big names coming in, Tennessee did not have a single player on the preseason All-SEC first team, as picked by the SEC Football Media Days in Birmingham mid-July.

Not even with the great recruiting one could point out a player in the lineup and say “That’s one of the best players in the country for his position.”

Terry Smith on the freshman offensive guard could be that person in a not so far away future. Maybe even one of the recruits for 2018. There is always the possibility that by claiming the cream of the crop in recruits you might just snatch the very best players this country will see, maybe even the best quarterbacks.

To reinforce the claim that quarterbacks are leading the championships, look at how Deshaun Watson led it past Alabama all the way to the national championship this past January.  Coach Clemson Dabo Swinney is not at the same level as Alabama’s Nick Saban. Nonetheless, with a highly talented quarterback like Watson he managed to win. At this level of competition, one good player can make a lot of difference.

So who do you think will fill in the place as quarterback? Will Tennessee reach the nationals next year? Checkout NCAA betting odds provided by William Hill to make your future bets and other props.

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