Ten Questions With Fitness and Celebrity Model Carrie Minter


1. Tell us about your childhood

My childhood was pretty simple- I grew up in Texas, just outside of Dallas. I have a younger brother, and great friends growing up, but def was ready to get out of there as soon as I turned 18. Lol.

2. You started modeling at 15 years of age, what was that like?

Modeling was a lot of fun- it really helped me build confidence as a teenager, because I was sooooo insecure! It opened up a lot of doors and possibilities.

3. You’ve got 4 dogs, any chance you’ll get a 5th?

Ha- I can barely handle all 4! They drive me crazy, but I seriously don’t know what I’d do without them. My dogs are my children! I don’t think I could handle a 5th though- but I said the same thing when I had 3 and then one day I came home with a 4th. Never say never I guess!

4. Tell us about modeling for Playboy (any fun stories about Hef or the mansion?)

Modeling for Playboy was awesome! Hef is def the man! I met my best friends at the mansion and still try to go up and visit as often as I can. I have some crazy stories for sure, but I shouldn’t kiss and tell 🙂

5. You have amazing abs, how did you get them?

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