Ten Beers that Have the Highest Alcohol Content


Brewmeister’s Armageddon – ABV: 65%

Brewmeister’s Armageddon is 10 times stronger than the average beer. The Scottish brewery utilizes ingredients like crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, an Scottish spring water before freezing the beer to ferment it and thus increase the ABV, which totals in jaw-dropping 65%. Armageddon also has a lot of flavor and has been described as “malty, hoppy, and slightly sweet.”  A bottle of Brewmeister Armageddon will cost you $127, but if you only splurge on a bottle every once in a while for a holiday or a birthday, who can really complain about that price, especially for the ABV that you’re getting with hit? Especially for the “World’s Strongest Beer,” which isn’t just an advertising gimmick that Brewmeister puts on their bottles – it’s fact.

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