Taunting Hockey Fan Deals With Karma in a Well Deserved Way

Taunting Fan

I’m a big believer in karma. If you hurt someone or do something cruel to any other person or live your life in a selfish, mean-spirited way, I truly believe that fate, somewhere down the line, finds a balance. So when I saw that this video surfaced of a taunting hockey fan getting just what he deserved, really dealing with his own karma, I knew I had to post it on the site here and talk about it. It’s truly uncoached.

This incident occurred on January 26th (not sure of the exact year), sometime between 2000-2004, in a game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Colorado Avalanche. Number 26 for the Blackhawks, Steve Sullivan,  got hit with a stick above his eye, and when he skated off towards the crowd, an obnoxious Avalanche fan (just this particular fan. I’m not saying all Avalanche fans are obnoxious) taunted Sullivan, poking fun at his injury. It was a classless move.

Now, later in the game, however, a puck  flew over the glass and into the crowd. Whom did that puck end up hitting in the head? That’s right – the fan who taunted Sullivan. As the blood poured from the top of the fan’s head and onto his face, Sullivan decided to skate over to the glass one more time and return the favor, taunting the fan this time about his injury.

And if that isn’t enough karma for you, well, Sullivan also scored two shorthanded goals during the game and made sure to point at the fan in the stands as he celebrated. Watch the video below and see for yourself. While I’m never one to wish harm on others, it’s definitely satisfying to see the smug smirk wiped off of the fan’s face.

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