Take a POV Look at Verruckt, the World’s Tallest Water Slide


Water slides are awesome. That’s just an indisputable fact, and if anyone disagrees with it, well, they’re you’re legitimately, scientifically, and theologically incorrect. While I thought I had been on the greatest water slides ever when I vacationed at Atlantis in the Bahamas about ten years go, seeing the new POV footage of Verruckt, the world’s tallest water slide, which is opening soon at Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts in Kansas City, may have changed my mind. Seriously, guys, Verruckt looks freaking amazing. Possibly even too amazing for its own good.

While the first of the two videos I’m posting doesn’t make it all the way through the entire run of the slide (this was the first POV video test run on Verruckt with an actual person being the one who held the camera, whose battery reportedly died while on the way down), the second one (this test run is just sandbags going down instead of real, living, breathing people) shows the entire length of Verruckt. From that initial drop, where you can see that the slide just shoots water right into your eyes (therefore blinding and disorienting you for the rest of the ride – awesome), to the second mini drop to the very end of the entire minute long ride when you coast into the pool by the dock, the entire experience of riding Verruckt looks absolutely thrilling.

I don’t live anywhere close to Kansas City (and I really don’t plan on taking a trip there anytime soon). However, if I ever do find myself near Schlitterbahn Waterparks, you can bet that, without a doubt, I’ll be making a visit and riding Verruckt all day while I’m there, no matter how long the line is.

Photo via KTHR

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