This Taekwondo Kick Would Even Impress Chuck Norris

Quadruple Kick

I’m always amazed at what people who study martial arts can do, and even though I’ve seen countless videos of  some truly impressive punches and kicks over the years, this one may take the top spot for me. In this video, a guy does a quadruple taekwondo kick, and it’s so absurd that I think Mr. Chuck Norris himself (even at his most Walker Texas Ranger-y) would be impressed.

Now while the sheer height of this kick rivals any of Chuck Norris’s most infamous roundhouses, what makes this taekwondo kick so impressive, in my opinion, isn’t even the extension or the lift that the guy gets off the ground – it’s the simple fact that he’s able to hit every single one the targets that his friends are holding up. I mean, seriously, it looks like something out of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, but it’s real. This guy actually did that.

This taekwondo kick is just further evidence of the fact that while you can be a huge, ripped dude who lifts or does CrossFit every day, just as valuable (if not more so) is taking the time to learn how to defend oneself and fight, either through some type of martial arts, like taekwondo, or even wrestling. It never does hurt to have some extra muscle and strength, but if you have the poise, flexibility, and straight up ability to kick someone like this, you’d be in a pretty good spot if you ever found yourself in any type of fight or altercation.

Watch the video for yourself below.

Photo via YouTube

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