Spurs Fans Shouldn’t Have Remained Classy When Seeing Lebron at the Movies


Between Game 1 and Game 2 of the NBA Finals, it was clear Lebron James needed to get some stuff figured out physically. However, he apparently needed to relieve some mental tension as well, which is why he went to the movies on Saturday night to see Maleficent. At the movie theater, Lebron was spotted by numerous Spurs fans, but in a very class move, none of the San Antonio residents bothered Lebron and let him go about his business as if he was just any regular guy off the street.

Now, just because people didn’t say things to Lebron in person doesn’t mean they were quiet about on social media. Along with the dozens of pictures posted of Lebron at the movie theater, many Spurs fan tweeted things like “Lebron was at the Palladium tonight no longer cramping let’s see how tomorrow goes ;)” and “#FTHEHEAT #SPURSNATION.” However, tweets like that seem very minor and understandable, especially compared to what could have been an endless barrage of Spurs fans yelling comments and cracking jokes at Lebron as they passed by him in the theater.

I give credit to all the Spurs fans that were able to hold in their desire to be rude and say something to Lebron, because ultimately, whether you like the guy or not, he was just trying to relax and enjoy a movie like any other person in the world. Yet now I wonder, after Lebron’s performance in Game 2, which was instrumental in helping the Heat get their 98-96 victory over the Spurs as he put up an impressive 35 points and recorded 10 rebounds, if San Antonio fans would be as polite if they saw him in person again.

Photo via Twitter

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