Sleeping Yankees Fan Suing ESPN and MLB for $10 Million

Yankees Fan

So today in ridiculous news, there’s a Yankees fan who was caught on TV sleeping during the Yankees/Red Sox game on April 13th that is now suing both ESPN and MLB for $10 million. The Yankees fan, Andrew Robert Rector, is filing a $10 million defamation suit against broadcasters Dan Shulman and John Kruk, claiming that they used an “avalanche of disparaging words” to describe him. Although Rector admits the he “briefly slept” during the game, he believes that Shulman and Kruk, who were the broadcasting team for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball that night,  teamed up for what Rector calls an “unending verbal crusade” against him, which was amplified by the fact that their “vituperative utterances” were then posted on the MLB website the following day.

Ultimately, this simply boils down to the simple fact that Rector passed out at the game and couldn’t handle Shulman and Kruk making a couple of lighthearted jokes about him. What Rector truly needs isn’t any type of money – it’s thicker skin, which, since he’s a New Yorker and a Yankees fan, you’d think he would already have it. There’s absolutely no way that Rector should see any type of reparations for his supposed “emotional trouble,” and if he is somehow able to steal even a penny away from ESPN or Major League Baseball, I’ll be incredibly shocked and disappointed.

Check out the video below for yourself to hear what Shulman and Kruk’s comments were like during the game’s broadcast. I would say more about Rector and the utter absurdity of this entire situation, but I’m afraid I’d get sued. And I surely don’t have $10 million to spare.

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