Sir Mix-A-Lot Performs “Baby Got Back” with the Seattle Symphony

Sir Mix A Lot

Raise your hand if you ever thought you’d see an entire symphony orchestra, along with Sir Mix-A-Lot himself,  together on stage performing “Baby Got Back,” complete with middle-aged woman suggestively dancing like they’re 20-somethings at a bar. Well, that’s exactly what happened in Seattle over the weekend, as Sir Mix-A-Lot was honored by the Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution project, which, according to the Seattle Symphony, “creates a bridge between the Symphony and Seattle’s storied reputation as a launching pad for some of the most creative musicians on the popular music scene.”

Every year, Ludovic Morlot and the Seattle Symphony ask composers to create orchestral renditions of songs from bands and artists that came from (or are in some way related to) Seattle.  This year, the third year for the Sonic Evolution project, composer Gabriel Prokofiev orchestrated two of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s most popular songs, including the infamous “Baby Got Back,” which Sir Mix-A-Lot came on stage for, joining conductor Ludovic Morlot and the rest of the orchestra as they performed at Benaroya Hall.

While the fact that the Sonic Evolution project brings orchestral and popular music together in this way is incredibly cool in its own right, what makes this performance something truly something special is not just the song itself but the crazy amount of energy from everyone on the stage and the crowd in attendance. From Sir Mix-A-Lot to the roaring crowd to the woman in the black dress who looks as if she has been possessed by the spirit of Beyonce, the atmosphere can be described as nothing short of electric, which makes the fact that they’re performing and celebrating such an absolutely ridiculous song like “Baby Got Back” all the more hilarious.

Watch the video for yourself below and enjoy. It’s sure to be the highlight of your day.

Photo via YouTube

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