Simple Pickup Guys Use Refunded Charity Money to Give $100 Tips to Fast Food Workers

$100 Tips

This is something that is so generous, so sincere, and just so awesome that it needs to shared. The guys behind Simple Pickup, a comedy and advice-giving YouTube channel, using money that was refunded to them after they donated it to a charity, decided to still see that the money was put to good use by giving $100 tips to fast food workers.

What makes the video so great, besides the obvious generosity shown by these guys, is the reactions from the employees that they share the money with. The shock, awe, and gratefulness that each of them express is so wonderfully genuine and real, and you can immediately see how these acts of kindness have had such a great impact on their lives.

My favorites of the reactions are the first employee who shows up in the video, who can barely say anything besides “bro” at first and then thanks the Simple Pickup guys for their tip because it will help him pay his rent. My other favorite (and what I would consider to be the best part of the entire video) comes at the end. After money is given to an employee working a graveyard shift (a girl so touched that she starts crying and asks to hug the one guy who is giving it to her), she turns and sees a homeless man sitting at one of the booths in the restaurant and gives him the $100 instead. While that $100 was a big deal to her, she recognized how much more of an impact it would have on this man’s life.

And isn’t that what acts of kindness like this are all about? Producing good will, optimism, and hope. I’d say that this video certainly does that. Watch it for yourself.

Photo via YouTube

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