Shirtless Jogger Tells Rob Ford Exactly What He Thinks of Him

Rob Ford

Quick check: everyone remember who Rob Ford is? The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto who somehow, some way, is still in office. Fortunately, it looks as if one Toronto citizen isn’t standing for the mayor’s behavior, as this video shows a shirtless jogger telling Rob Ford exactly what he thinks of him.

Interestingly, however, the shirtless jogger doesn’t call Rob Ford out on his drug use, but instead, in an almost Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones-esque chant, “You’re homophobic, you’re racist, you’re corrupt!” When Ford tries to tell the guy that he’s threatening and might need anger management, he responds, “Oh I need anger management? I am not violent. I am not slurring people. I’m expressing my democratic opinion…I’m peaceful. I’m a peaceful citizen.”

I really love when people are able to tell politicians what they think of them, and I wish they were given more opportunities to do so. The fact that this dude,  who was shirtless and in the middle of a job, felt so compelled to stop and give Rob Ford a piece of his mind is awesome. Will it ultimately do anything? Probably not, but it’s always better to see people have an opinion on their government and be actual active members wanting and demanding change rather than just doing nothing but complaining to their friends and family.

This may not have the most elegant or formal way in which this man could have expressed his views about Rob Ford. However, the point is that he did it, and that’s all that should matter.

Photo via YouTube

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