Scottie Pippen Participates in Gold Fish Races in Lexington, KY

Scottie Pippen

Pictures from last night have surfaced of former NBA player and Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen. But don’t worry. Pippen wasn’t involved in any illegal or elicit activities – just really random ones. Apparently, Scottie Pippen was with a group of people last night watching and participating in gold fish races in Lexington, KY. Never heard of gold fish races before? Don’t worry. Neither had I until this morning.

Supposedly, these gold fish races aren’t something you can bet on in Vegas (which is travesty) but are actually a new type of drinking game. Participants essentially force goldfish (by encouraging them, chasing them, harassing them, etc.) to swim from one end of the racing tank to the other. Whoever’s fish comes in last place must chug a beer or do  a shot or something stupid like that, and I’m saying this as a guy who enjoys playing drinking games.

The main thing that I want to know is, if this is some new, stupid college kid game, what the heck was Scottie Pippen doing participating in it, and who was he there with? I mean, not to invoke ageism here or anything, but the dude’s 48 – I don’t really think he should be hanging out at college parties if that’s the case.

Who knows? Maybe Pippen’s still trying to live that NBA, basketball star lifestyle and is partying it up with a younger crowd. But I got to believe that if that was the case, and he really was trying to “live it up,” that he’d be able to find something more entertaining than gold fish races. Alas, the world may never know the truth.

Here are more photos via @amzander1 and @a_dawn1321 on Instagram:

Pippen 2

Pippen 3

Featured image via Twitter

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