Richard Sherman Gets Into Fight with Teammate at Minicamp

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When I first heard about this story, I wasn’t so shocked that Richard Sherman had gotten into a fight. I’m sure there’s numerous players, fans, and people in general who would love to get a swing at him, due to his cocky, flamboyant behavior. However, the surprising thing here is that Richard Sherman got into a fight with a teammate at Seattle Seahawks’ minicamp.

On Wednesday, which was the second day of camp for the Seahawks, Sherman and wide receiver Phil Pates came to blows. Percy Harvin, Earl Thomas, and Doug Baldwin all intervened to try to stop the altercation, and by the time the fight ended, Bates’ jersey had been torn off and countless punches had been thrown.

Eventually, both Sherman and Bates chilled out and continued practicing after Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, talked with the whole team about the incident. It wasn’t too long after, according to Seattle reporters like Bob Condotta, that the players started joking about the fight with each other:


“They are such a tight group of guys that they don’t want to give an inch sometimes,” defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said when asked about the fight. ”Most good teams are close and tight like that where they can practice like that. They were just having fun.”

“We’re always trying to prove who we are,” Earl Thomas said after the incident. “It always gets heated like this and you love it because the whole competition of everybody is raised.”

This was not Sherman’s first controversy this offseason. Back in May, he got into a very public Twitter argument with Arizona cardinal cornerback Patrick Peterson.  Here’s hoping that the next time we talk about Sherman it will be about his play on the field instead of an issue off of it.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

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