Predicting the Top Five NFL Fantasy Running Backs This Season

A lot of fans think that their team has the most complete athlete at key positions but the truth of the matter is that fantasy football is looking at all kinds of stats that will be used to determine how those athletes are going to perform in the coming season. Their carries, their touchdowns, fumbles, receptions, and on and on it goes. For running backs a lot of it has to do with how many yards per carry, how many touchdowns, and of course what kind of performance they put up in terms of helping out their team. No one wants to bank on a running back that gets tackled at the line of scrimmage every time, or a guy that couldn’t hit his assigned mark if it was ten feet wide and devoid of any defenders.

In the NFL it’s all about the numbers when you start picking your fantasy team. Here are the top five predicted running backs that you should consider looking at.

5. Jay Ajayi-Miami Dolphins

Ajayi is the kind of player that will show up once he manages to get more and more touches. The more often that he’s given the ball is how often he will improve and start busting out those 200 yards per game. He had a few such instances last season and should be considered as a strong candidate to do it again.

4. Jordan Howard-Chicago Bears

Howard is the kind of player that’s still kind of in the developmental stage but is getting better each time he’s on the field. Giving him the ball more often should be a part of the overall game plan for the Bears considering that he’s going to be one of the key pieces holding the offense together.

3. LeSean McCoy-Buffalo Bills

He’s not exactly the top tier pick that he used to be. After all at age 29 he’s starting to get up there in years as far as the running back position goes. He’s still a solid enough pick that it’s worth taking a little bit of risk. Keep in mind his touchdowns might have been a little lower in 2014 and ’15, but he’s still capable of running and receiving, so he’s still valuable.

2. Le’Veon Bell-Pittsburgh Steelers

Normally it’d be easy to put Bell at the top spot but his stats are making it a little difficult simply because he’s put up great yardage, but very few touchdowns. It’s like he can run but somehow forgets where the end zone is. Also he’s holding out from training camp, so despite being one of the very best it’s too easy to dock him a spot at the moment.

1. David Johnson-Arizona Cardinals

Right now he’s the safest pick for the top spot because 1) he had over 100 yards in every game up to week 17 last year, 2) he scored multiple touchdowns eight different times throughout the season, and 3) he’s a dual threat in that he can run the ball and receive. So yes, he’s the top spot because of these things, and because he has no real issues to deal with at the moment.

So pick wisely as these are only predicted suggestions. Go with what the numbers tell you and if you don’t trust those then go with your gut.


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