Predicting the Top Five Fantasy Quarterbacks for This Season

As we go into the preseason a lot of people are still wondering just who they should pick for their fantasy line up, who’s going to bring them the most points, and who’s going to perform the best in their position this season. There’s a lot of speculation going around about quarterbacks at this point, a great deal of which is centered on certain teams that seem to be having issues with their backup positions or their overall starting positions. Right now some teams seem to be in a little bit of hot water when it comes to picking their starter, but others are pretty well set. Going into the 2017 season we’re likely to see a lot of teams shaking it up a bit to try and get the right fit for the right position. One thing you won’t likely see unless one of the owner’s loses their minds is Colin Kaepernik anywhere near this list. If the NFL owners are wise they’ll think twice about signing him for anything other than a backup, making backup wages. Otherwise, here are the top fantasy predictions for quarterback.

These are the top five as of now, but the roster could always change as the season progresses.

5. Andy Dalton-Cincinnati Bengals

More often than not he’s been in the top 12 and you need to remember in 2013 that he was in line to be MVP until Peyton Manning ran away with it. Don’t count Dalton out though, he’ll be getting a healthy A.J. Green back this season and should be able to pick up a lot of garbage time points here and there.

4. Drew Brees

There’s almost always a lot of potential here to be great. Brees has always managed to be in the top 6 for the last several years and his offense is still ramped up to get things done this season. He might have lost an offensive weapon but he still has a full array to pick from and is still able to get the job done when it counts.

3. Matthew Stafford

He’s been in the top 10 for the past two seasons and there’s no reason to believe that he’ll be dropping any lower this season. Despite the horrible defensive line he’s still got an impressive list of offensive weapons and as quarterbacks go he’s still got youth on his side. Expect Stafford to perform this season.

2. Kirk Cousins

I’m kind of surprised too, but in truth Cousins has put up some truly overpowering numbers in terms of yardage and touchdowns. His success has been largely overshadowed by the fact that his team can’t seem to capitalize on these gains and keeps getting outscored. But if he can rally his team then he should be able to keep this position.

1. Aaron Rodgers

This one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Rodgers has actually been lauded as one of the absolute best quarterbacks in the league at this point. Most people agree that if he can stay healthy he should be a lock for number 1 status throughout the season. Tom Brady might be the GOAT, but it’s already been proven that Aaron Rodgers is on the rise.

So there you go. Pick wisely and best of luck to you.


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