Predicting the Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends This NFL Season

Tight ends in the NFL are great because they can catch the ball, they can run, and they can block as well. They’re like the powerhouse that can be used when needed to further play or make a play further downfield. In truth they’re kind of like the Swiss army knife of the NFL. This season there are a few predictions about who’s going to be moving up and who’s on their way down the fantasy ladder in terms of popularity and production. So far the ranks are about as set as they’re going to get, but things could always change once the season really gets going. The one thing you can count on though is that tight ends are almost always going to be useful in some capacity.

Here are the current top prospects for tight ends in the NFL fantasy leagues.

5. Delanie Walker-Tennessee Titans

He’s been on an absolute tear since joining the Titans, and despite missing one game per season for the last four years he’s remained as one of the most solid tight ends in the game. He’s turning 33 this year and is at that age when retirement might not be too far off, but if he stays healthy he could see the same numbers he enjoyed last season at the very least.

4. Greg Olsen-Carolina Panthers

Olsen is turning 32 this year and is still looking like a solid tight end. Despite the fact that he’s been producing so much in the past few years his numbers have still been low, but his productivity has kept him in the hunt. As tight ends go he’s one of the most reliable in the game.

3. Travis Kelce-Kansas City Chiefs

He’s a quality TE but still has yet to work a little harder to reach the quality of the next two in line. If you look at his numbers you’ll find that he was actually on the field for less time this past season and had less of a target share and one less touchdown. This certainly hasn’t impacted his game any though.

2. Jordan Reed-Washington Redskins

At this point you might be wondering about the injury woes that Reed seems prone to, but the performance he puts in tends to eclipse any worries about his health when he’s actually on the field and being productive. He’s actually posted two top-ten fantasy seasons over the last two years despite missing out on six games. That’s pretty impressive.

1. Rob Gronkowski-New England Patriots

“Glass-body Gronk” is actually a very dominant force on the field when he’s healthy and fit enough to run with the boys. Don’t let the fact that he’s missed about 24 games in 5-year span deter you from picking this solid TE for your fantasy team. If you’ve ever watched him when he’s healthy you’ve seen that he is a dominant force on the field.

Keep in mind that these are suggestions based on the numbers and the current data that’s been compiled. Things can always change as the season gets going and your number one and two picks might need to change to reflect that.


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