Potomac Wiffle Ball League’s Unlucky Umpire

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You would think playing wiffle ball would mean you were safe. As an umpire, who usually finds himself defenseless in regular baseball games without any glove to stop line drives from coming his way, you would think that umping for a wiffle ball game would be a breeze because you’re the same as the players – no glove, no need for one, just you, yourself, and you’re ready to go. However, this promise didn’t hold true for one umpire in the Potomac Wiffle Ball League, as he had what can only be described as a truly unlucky experience.

As you can see in the video below, the ump get struck right where it counts with an extremely hard hit wiffle ball. It’s as if the ball was destined to hit him there, because as soon as it left the bat, it made a bee line for the ump, as if it had been piloted by some otherworldly force and could not and would not stop.

Now, naturally, this video is hysterical. Who doesn’t laugh when some guy gets clocked with a ball? It’s just plain funny. However, this video brought me back to my baseball playing days, and I started to think of some of the worst line drives hit back at me or pitches that were thrown and hit me. I got hit below the belt more than once (and it hurt just as bad as every time), but my worst experience was getting nailed in the jaw (right underneath my helmet, so I had no protection)  with a fastball thrown by one of the hardest throwing kids in the league. My whole right jawline was bruised for almost a month, and it hurt to chew, smile, and laugh.

I think that was definitely my worst “hit by ball” experience. Watch the video of the Potomac Wiffle Ball umpire and then comment and let us know what your worst experience was.



Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

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