Phillip Rivers Rocks a Wig During a Softball Game

Phillip Rivers Wig

Apparently some football players are really into playing softball. After just watching Joe Flacco crush a couple of home runs during a celebrity softball game hosted by the Ravens just a few days ago, we now have Phillip Rivers also playing softball. Except this is a little different. While Flacco was openly out there, enjoying the game alongside other football players and celebrities, Phillip Rivers attempted to go incognito with a mullet wig and shorts as he and two of his teammates, safety Eric Weddle and running back Danny Woodhead, apparently participate in a softball league. 

Here’s part of an email sent to John Gennaro of SBNation clarifying some of the specifics of the situation:

Hey John,

My niece went to watch her boyfriend play softball last night, somewhere in RB or Poway. They showed up to play and quickly realize they’re playing a team full of Chargers.

She said they were all really cool, and they actually beat the Chargers last night, giving them their first loss of the season I guess?

No fair playing professional athletes…


It’s great to hear how cool all of the Chargers’ players sound, not that I would have expected anything different. The main thing that I want out all of this though is video of Phillip Rivers playing shortstop. I would love to see how his baseball throwing motion compares to how he throws football, and if that crazy mullet would have impeded his play at all. Since it appears that this Chargers softball team is an actual community league, let’s hope we get another chance to see Phillip Rivers and company together in action really soon.

Check out more photos from the game below.

Chargers Softball

Charger Softball 2

Photos via @DaniKDub


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