Phil Mickelson Took a Shot from the Cart Path at the Scottish Open Yesterday

Phil Mickelson Visits FOX & Friends

Phil Mickelson has always been one of the best golfers around, but the shot he made at the Scottish Open yesterday was impressive, even by his standards. Mickelson actually took a shot from the cart path at the Open yesterday and somehow chipped the ball all the way to the green, where it landed mere feet away from the hole.

The fact the Phil Mickelson was able to simply make perfect contact with the ball is pretty amazing, but getting it on the green? That’s something really special. He ended up putting the ball in for a birdie, like it was no big deal, and this shot comes just days after he made a backwards shot while practicing for the Scottish Open (let’s see if that backwards shot makes an appearance in a real tournament sometime soon).

The best part about Phil Mickelson, though, the reason why I personally really root for the guy, is because he hits shots like this (and makes them look so incredibly effortlessly) but just acts like it’s no big deal. He’s not calling attention to himself or asking for some type of recognition or glory. In fact, it wouldn’t even shock me if he didn’t know that this most recent shot was becoming an internet sensation.

No, instead he’s just “Phil being Phil,” but I mean that in completely positive way. He doesn’t change and stays pretty dang consistent, both on the golf course and off of it.

Check out the video of his shot from the cart path for yourself below.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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