Pat Sajak Says “Global Warming Alarmists Are Unpatriotic Racists”

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One of my favorite game shows to watch with my family when I was younger was Wheel of Fortune. There was something so fun about trying to solve the puzzles before the contestants could, and Pat Sajak and Vanna White made a great team. Sajak was the charming and personable host, and Vanna White, well, Vanna White is Vanna Freaking White.

Even though I haven’t watched Wheel of Fortune in forever, that hasn’t stopped me from hearing about Pat Sajak, who has taken to Twitter to spout of his beliefs about a lot different topical issues. Most recently, he has been incredibly vocal about his feelings concerning global warming and climate change. However, this past Monday, Sajak took his problems with those who believe in climate change to a more extreme level by claiming that all “global warming alarmists” are “unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends.” Here are the actual tweets from Sajak’s Twitter page.

sajak 2

sajak 1

I’m all for freedom of speech, and I think Twitter is a great place to express a person’s thoughtful and considerate viewpoints. Even though there is an overwhelming amount of scientific data that supports the fact that global warming is real, it is still within Pat Sajak’s right to refute those claims if he wants to. However, the issue here is that Sajak never even brought up any evidence or scientific fact to back up his views and instead resulted to shameless name-calling. To try to say that all those who believe in global warming are not only unpatriotic but also racist isn’t just extreme – it’s stupid and it’s wrong.

Too many celebrities take to Twitter nowadays to go off on nonsensical tangents or to harm and shame others. It’s time that Sajak and others learn that if you disagree with something, that’s fine, but you need to be intelligent, considerate, and thoughtful when arguing your case. Otherwise, you can use your right to free speech all you want, but no one is going to listen.

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