Ole Miss IF Errol Robinson Picks His Nose and Eats It

Erol Robinson

It’s one of those gross stereotypes that men will pick their noses and eat it. I don’t really know any guy who has done that since he was about five or six years old. However, Errol Robinson, infielder for the Ole Miss baseball team, apparently decided to embrace his inner child, as everyone can see in this Vine video where Robinson not only picks at his nose but then eats whatever he pulled out from his nostrils. Watch for yourself below.

Now this isn’t the first time a baseball player has gotten caught doing something gross or embarrassing on camera  (there’s got to be at least one or two videos every day that come out of the MLB and college of some guy fixing his junk out in the outfield). I mean, I can even understand the decision to pick your nose on Robinson’s part  (sometimes it just has to happen), but it’s the eating it part, that moment where he pauses and stares down at it before putting it into his mouth, where he loses me. It’s just uncoached – you can’t teach someone that.

I wonder how this video getting around will affect Robinson on campus. Will he get made fun of by teammates? Will girls be a little more hesitant around him now that they’ve seen what he did? Will he forever be known as “The Nose-Picker Eater?”

Ultimately, I’m sure this all doesn’t matter much to Robinson – he’ll probably laugh it off as just a funny joke. Plus, Ole Miss’s baseball record so far this season is 44-18. That’s definitely something for Robinson to smile about. He should just make sure to check his teeth for boogers before he does.

Photo via YouTube

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