Not a Single Team Should be Gunning for Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is a great player, let’s just get that out there, but he’s currently working with a team that’s projected to go on a first-round knockout when it comes to the playoffs. The Knicks aren’t up for trading him unless they can get something worthwhile, and there’s also that option that won’t allow Carmelo to be traded unless he waives it in favor of an offer from the Rockets or the Cavs. Those two teams are the ones that he seems to favor going to most of all, but as of yet they haven’t seemed too interested in signing him up.

There are a few reasons why neither the Rockets or  the Cavs should even consider taking Carmelo.

He’s inconsistent with what he wants.

A lot goes into a player’s mind when he’s on and off the court, and both can affect their moods equally. Carmelo just went through a divorce not all that long ago, and before this happened he said that taking care of his family was the most important thing. Once he was divorced however winning became the most important thing. He’s also expressed before that he wants to stay with the Knicks, but has then decided to state that he would be just fine going to the Cavs or the Rockets. If nothing else the lead scorer for the Knicks needs to make up his mind and decide just where he wants to be, otherwise there’s little hope that any team could place faith in him if he’s going to turn around and try to leave as soon as he gets there.

The 15 percent trade kicker is kind of a deal breaker.

This insures that any team that takes on Carmelo will have to pay more for him than the Knicks currently are. As of now he’s making a very healthy sum despite the Knicks’ losing record and his obvious struggles to help them keep afloat. He’s a great player, but any team that wants him will simply have to pay too much to keep him. At that point he becomes too much of a liability for any team to consider adding him onto their roster.

It makes no sense for the Knicks to trade him right now.

The most obvious part of a trade is that those trading want to get something in return for the person they’re trading. It needs to have the prospect of success if the trade is going to go down, otherwise it’s a waste of time and resources to even consider it. At this point no team is looking as though they want to give Carmelo a chance without seriously short-changing the Knicks and making it an uneven trade. Phil Jackson’s relationship with Carmelo might be strained enough that he wants him gone, but not at the kind of expense that would harm the team.

A lot of players believe they are indispensable and in some cases they are. Carmelo should stay on the Knicks to be quite honest, but if he does happen to make the decision to leave, the Cavs and the Rockets would be wise to steer clear of him at the moment, mostly because it won’t give them an advantage to overpay for a single player when they could look at two or more developing players for the same price.


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