No Chance Daniel Larusso Could Take this Karate Kick

Karate Kick

I wonder if Mr. Miyagi ever taught Daniel Larusso this move. There was “wax on, wax off” and “right circle, left circle” to sand the floor, but I don’t think he ever showed him how to knock a guy flat out with this type of karate kick. I might need to dust off an old copy of  the original The Karate Kid just to make sure, though (because you know that I’m not watching the remake with Will Smith’s kid in it, even if I do love Jackie Chan).

A new video has just come out showing one of the most painful-looking roundhouse kicks I’ve ever seen. Like Chuck Norris, Walker Texas Ranger roundhouse style. And even though I feel really bad for the guy on the receiving end of the kick, I got to say, it’s pretty awesome to watch.

Karate is one of those things that amazes me – that someone so small or frail can still defend themselves incredibly well because they learned how to fight, instead of simply relying on size or strength to do all the work for them. We just told you the other day about how Bob Barker reportedly holds a black belt in karate (and was apparently taught by Chuck Norris, as well, even if that does sound almost too good to be true), but I’ve seen less famous people, friends of mine, able to break boards with their hands and take down guys bigger than them just by knowing the exact right spot to hit. It’s crazy stuff.

Check out the video below and watch how devastating this karate kick is. The match itself literally only lasts five seconds, but it’s worth watching, especially for the slow-mo shots at the end.

Photo via YouTube

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