Nike Releases an Amazing 5 Minute Animated World Cup Ad

Nike World Cup

We’ve been doing our best here at Uncoached  to cover as much as we can about the World Cup over the past couple weeks. Now, however, just days before the start of the tournament, Nike has released an amazing five minute animated ad for the World Cup that may be one of the greatest videos I’ve watched all year on the internet. Seriously, if you’re a soccer fan (heck, even if you’re not) and this doesn’t get you pumped up for the World Cup, I don’t know what will. Job well done, Nike.

What makes this Nike ad so fantastic is that it’s essentially a feature film story told in the length of five minutes. We have Cristiano Ronaldo and company being replaced in the world of soccer by the “perfect clones,” genetically engineered replicas of our favorite soccer stars who can physically not make mistakes. It’s essentially Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Space Jam, as it even has an awesomely ridiculous ending with Ronaldo that makes Michael Jordan’s arm-stretching slam dunk seem almost realistic in comparison.

While I couldn’t tell you the names of every soccer player in that video (I’ve been trying to be a better soccer fan but I mostly just end up playing FIFA with my friends and that’s the extent of it), I think it’s really cool that Nike somehow got them all together for something special before the World Cup starts, putting all the players on the same superstar team before they each start playing for their respective countries. I’m sure that Ronaldo and everyone else didn’t actually voice their characters or have much say in what happened in the video, but ads like this, that subvert our expectations and do something new and original, are always fun. I know I said it earlier but Nike really did some awesome work here.

Check out the video below for yourself and enjoy!

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