Newly Selected All-Star Anthony Rizzo Fights the Cincinnati Reds

MLB: Texas Rangers at Chicago Cubs

Do you remember Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs, the guy we just showed you the other day who loves to swing at pitches that are so far inside they end up hitting him? Well, Rizzo was just voted in as the final member of the National League’s roster for the 2014 All-Star Game yesterday, and he apparently celebrated that news by getting into a fight with not just one member of the Cincinnati Reds but the entire dugout of Reds’ players.

I really don’t know whether to call Anthony Rizzo ballsy or stupid here. I mean, when a guy any opposing squad says something to you, you’ve got to hold your ground and say nothing back. You can’t take that kind of stuff lying down. However, charging right at the dugout with no backup at all, yelling at all the players on the Reds, is probably also not the smartest way to handle the conflict. Then again, when you look at the selection of pitches that he swings at, Rizzo doesn’t exactly seem like the smartest guy, does he? (I’m just kidding by the way, Cubs fans. I know that Rizzo is actually having a pretty solid offensive year so far with 20 home runs and 49 RBIs this season.)

If you want to see how the fight played out, watch the embed video below. It’s not the whole altercation, but you did get a pretty close up view of Anthony Rizzo walking straight up to the Reds’ dugout. And watching it again, you know what, that’s it. I’ve decided. It’s more ballsy than stupid.

Photo via CBS Sports


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