New LA Restaurant ChocoChicken Serves Chocolate Fried Chicken


Do you like having both dinner and dessert? What if you could have the two of them mixed together? Well, a new restaurant in LA is doing just that, combining the chocolate of your favorite candy bar with the Colonel’s KFC. That’s right – ChocoChicken in Los Angeles serves chocolate fried chicken.

ChocoChicken just recently opened earlier this month, and the restaurant has infused every single item on its menu, all of the restaurant’s signature dishes, with at least a little bit of chocolate. This can come in the form of “Choco-seasoning,” “Choco dust,” and white chocolate chive butter. All these ingredients are either added to or a part of dishes like ChocChicken’s bacon biscuits or the restaurant’s own homemade mashed potatoes. I’m just speculating here, but I’d even guess that there’s most likely a chocolate sauce that you can dip your fries into.

ChocoChicekn uses 62 percent bittersweet chocolate to create a “dark, almost burnt brown color” on all its dishes. Every item on the menu comes from the mind of restaurateur Adam Fleischman, who is the person who created the restaurant’s unique “Choco-seasoning” himself.

And if having chocolate as a part of your dinner isn’t enough, ChocoChicken also has chocolate drinks for the 21 and over crow. People can try Chocochicken’s chocolate whiskey and chocolate tequila either with their meals or after.

I’m a guy who likes his chocolate as much as the next person, and I also love fried chicken and different, originally created drinks. However, chocolate chicken, chocolate seasoning and chocolate tequila, all on the same menu, may be a little bit overkill for me. If I ever find myself in LA, I’m not sure if ChockoChicken would be one of my first stops.

Photo via ChocoChicken Facebook Page

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