This is What the NBA Needs: A Little Bit of Larry Legend


Not sure if any of you caught the NBA films flick “Bad Boys” the other night but man was that Pistons team just tough.  I don’t think there will ever be another player like Bill Laimbeer.  You just can’t get away with that kind of stuff anymore.  The rules won’t allow it.  If anything you’d get suspended indefinitely for the kind of antics Laimbeer used to pull.  Since when did the NBA get so soft?  If you actually trace this stuff,  it’s really ever since the Ron Artest incident that refs have been keeping this game from getting as “tough” as it once was.

Let these guys play, and let them get physical.  Speaking of tough, no one was tougher than Larry Bird.  Oh and by the way, I could write a 16 page article on Larry Bird.  It’s really a joke how good this guy was.  Zero athletic ability and no physique.  This guy was all heart, all brains, and all out clutch. His skills were absolutely ridiculous.  As they say, there will be another Michae (Kobe), there will be another Magic (Lebron), but there will never be another Larry Bird. I believe that.

Seriously, no one’s come close to being this guy.  Enjoy this 6 minute clip that actually makes you laugh at how good he was.

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