The All-NBA Facial Hair Team


Whatever happened to dressing nice and being prepared for work?  It’s almost like in Major League Baseball.  You’ve got the mops of the Red Sox and the prim and proper facials of the Yankees.  Though I guess the mops seem to be working lately given the Sox took it home last year.   But perhaps that’s the mentality in the NBA?  Really weird tattoos, clothing, and facial hair?  Just completely let yourself go?  Hell, look like a hobo.  Perhaps try and covet the “Prisoner of War” look.  Or simply let your beard grow so you can hang out with ZZ Top. Whatever these players were/are thinking, I’m sure it’s not “I want to look good today.”  And if it is, God help them.

Here is the All-NBA Facial Hair team of players past and present

James Harden


Does anyone even realize how young this guy would look without it?

Drew Gooden


I have no clue what he’s going for here.  Just glad he doesn’t have that style anymore.

Mike Woodson


That is the fullest hair I’ve ever seen in my life on a beard.  It kind of looks like a female’s…..

Anthony Davis


No way we were leaving this guy off.  Eyebrows count as facial hair.

Reggie Evans


This guy will do anything to prove he’s tough.

Ricky Davis


Now that’s one hell of a duo right there.  Remember when he sported those chops?  Which leads us to….

Adam Morrison


What a tool.  Dude, you’ll never be cool.

Scott Pollard


There should be an entire site dedicated to this guy.  He may be retired but he still looks like an idiot.

Pau Gasol


If Pau is going for the Prisoner of War look, then he’s succeeded admirably.  Does he ever look well kept?  Ever?

Baron Davis


When you’re nickname is “The Beard” it’s pretty impressive.  He easily could have outdone James Harden if he wanted to.

DeShawn Stevenson


You’re still not good!


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