Seven Of My Favorite Wii Fit Video Moments


I don’t even own a Nintendo Wii. However, I’m quite familiar with the system. I’ve played many a games on the Wii and it’s quite an experience….most definitely different from the normal hand controlled games I’m used to. And perhaps the best thing to come out of Nintendo Wii? The Wii Fit videos. No, I’m not talking about actually playing Wii Fit. I’m talking about watching the Wii Fit videos. Whether it’s a parody commercial or a hot chick moving from side to side, here are seven Wii Fit movie moments that will definitely help you kill the next 30-40 minutes at work. Man some of these guys are pathetic.

Wii Fit Parody

This was pretty funny. I love when the guy says “move your other leg.”

Why Every Guy Should buy Their Girlfriend Wii

The video that started it all.

Why NOT every guy should buy Their Girlfriend Wii

And of course the parody of the video that started it all.

Snowboarding with Wii Fit – Cybergirl Jo Garcia

I’ve never wanted to learn to snowboard more in my entire life.

The Wii Fit Makes you Hot

Pretty funny Mega64 Skit.

Wii Fit: One Man’s Journey

I’m a big fan of the dance music in this skit. It get’s good at around 3:48

This is just funny

What if you didn’t know this was Wii?


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