MTV’s Road Rules vs. Real World: Which Show Would You Rather Be On?


It’s hard to understate exactly what MTV created with their shows The Real World and Road Rules back in the 90’s. Real World debuted in 1992 and just three years later because of the success of the show, MTV created Road Rules. The shows absolutely changed a culture. They became a staple for teens for YEARS. To call them epic is an understatement. Now? The shows stink. However, the original shows – some of us being to young for the very early seasons – were awesome. Period.

The question is: if we could magically transport back to the 90’s which show would you pick to be on? It’s not as easy as you think? Real World is the most popular show embedded into culture, but Road Rules was an awesome show. What do you prefer? Living in a nice mansion, getting wasted and just chilling or living on the road, in an RV, going on adventures and sometimes getting wasted! Give me the adventures – see the world – the challenges – how about you?

Like I said, the shows suck now. It wasn’t about fame, boozing and sex back in the day. Sure it was there, but it was more real. It actually felt like the REAL world. Today it’s too staged – too fake. The run has been over for a couple years, but what a run it was!

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