Michael Jordan Shatters The Backboard in Italy in 1986 To Crocodile Dundee Theme Song

As Lebron James continues to chase history and after recently catching up to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan as the only players in history to get 4000 points, 1000 assists, and 1000 rebounds in the post season, the comparisons are starting to trickle in (as they do every year).  While we all know Lebron will go down as one of the greatest ever, we also know that he’s nothing like Jordan.  We’ll leave the Jordan comparisons for people who want to talk about Jordan vs. Kobe.

Lebron is a different animal.  He’s a Magic Johnson type only he’s bigger and a more deadly scorer.  Bron Bron is like a freight train with passing ability like any crafty point guard’s that’s played in the league.  While he’s compared to Magic, he’s the superior athlete and will go down as a better all-time player.

But I for one don’t think anyone will ever eclipse Michael Jordan.  You just can’t and anyone watching from his generation will argue the same thing.  While guys of today may have moves that are equal to Jordan’s (ahem Kobe), he won’t be matched.  There’s just something about him.  He’s way scarier and intimidating than any player ever and yet he was never that big a guy (although his wingspan was phenomenal).  Players were 100% terrified of the guy.  The only other athlete in the 80s and 90s whose opponents didn’t want to mess with him was Mike Tyson in his prime. Seriously.

Anyway, as if there wasn’t anything I could think of in terms of Michael Jordan by far being the best player ever, this video pops up of Jordan doing his thing in Italy in 1986.  Yeah, he broke the backboard.  Little 6’6, 220 lb (then probably closer to 190) Michael Jordan rocks the backboard.

I still get goosebumps watching clips of this guy:

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