Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa Makes An Amazing Save Against Brazil

Ochoa Save

We’ve been giving you a lot of World Cup coverage lately here at Uncoached because there’s been a lot of great stuff to talk about (like Clint Dempsey’s goal against Ghana) and because the World Cup is just awesome in general. However, Mexican keeper Guillermo Ochoa may win for the best moment yet at the World Cup with the amazing save he made in Mexico’s match against Brazil yesterday.

Almost thirty minutes into the match, Brazil’s Neymar headed the ball at Mexico’s net, and just as it was about to cross the plane, and thus be called a goal for Brazil, Guillermo Ochoa stretched his arm out like Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam and deflected the ball. It was truly a magnificent display of athleticism.

What made the save even better, however, and what really enshrined its importance into the overall landscape of the World Cup, is that it kept the game tied at 0-0, which eventually was the final score. If Ochoa doesn’t put in that extra effort and make that spectacular stop, Mexico’s World Cup is in an entirely different situation in the World Cup, having suffered a loss instead of tying the host team, Brazil.

And when it comes to deciding what’s more significant to a team, more impressive from an athletic standpoint, and or just plain cooler to watch, i”m going to choose an amazing save over a great goal 99% of the time. Goal keeper in soccer, especially in such a competitive event like the World Cup, need to leave their feet and sacrifice their bodies in order to stop some of the shots fired at them. Their selflessness when it comes to getting bruised and beaten up ensures that their teams can still have a shot at winning games, and those types of saves like Guillermo Ochoa made are definitely the more interesting and awe-inducing moments in any and all soccer games.

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