Mesut Ozil is Paying for the Surgeries of 23 Brazilian Children to Thank Brazil for Hosting the World Cup


I think I have a new favorite soccer player, and it’s Mesut Ozil from the German national team.

The Germany midfielder had already pledged to sponsored the surgeries of 11 Brazilian children before the World Cup had started, as a part of the BigShoe charity campaign. However, because Germany won the World Cup, Ozil is now more than doubling the amount of surgeries that he will pay for, promising to now sponsor 23 children as a way of thanking Brazil for their hosting of the World Cup. The reason for the number being 23? That’s the amount of members on Germany’s national team.

Here’s how Mesut Ozil announced his new promise via his Facebook page:

Dear fans,

Prior to the #WorldCup I supported the surgery of eleven sick children. Since the victory of the #WorldCup is not only due to eleven players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23. This is my personal thank-you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil.

Due to winning this year’s  World Cup, which was Germany’s fourth World Cup title ever, each player on Germany’s team will be awarded a bonus of €300,000 ($405,778). Therefore, it would seem that Mesut Ozil will at least take part of his bonus and use it towards do some good in a country that provided him with so many memorable moments throughout the World Cup tournament (including Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil in the semifinals).

Check out the video below for more details on the BigShoe charity. And again, I just want to applaud Mesut Ozil for his thoughtfulness and generosity. The guy is legitimately making the world a better place.

Photo via YouTube

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