Matt Joyce Hits Ball Into Pitching Machine Which Fires It Right Back At Him

Matt Joyce

Tampa Bay Rays’ designated hitter Matt Joyce got quite the surprise during batting practice yesterday when he hit a ball into the pitching machine, which then fired  the baseball right back at him. Luckily, it found the strike zone and didn’t hit him.

Now when I first heard of this story before I watched the video, I wondered how the heck did Matt Joyce end up getting the ball back into the pitching machine? At what angle could a player hit the ball and it wind up landing perfectly back in place again? As you can by watching the video below, part of the humor and charm of this video is that Joyce actually popped the ball up, and it hit the top of the batting cage. Without touching the top of the cage, there’s no way that the ball could have found its way back into the pitching machine again.

In light of the sad and unfortunate passing of Tony Gwynn on Monday, there have thankfully been a lot of good and memorable moemnts in baseball this week, and it’s been incredibly fun to watch. (Not to mention my Phillies have won four games in a row for the first time all season.)  We  had the absolute dominance that was Clayton Kershaw in his no-hitter on Wednesday night. Then there was also Red Sox’s Brock Holt making an amazing catch by running all the way from the right of the second base bag  in center field to left field in order to help his team. And then there’s an even a goofy oddity like this to make us smile.

It’s always nice to be reminded why baseball is America’s pastime and my favorite sport. I’m not sure if this video of Matt Joyce really solidifies either of those, but nevertheless, it’s still something funny to watch.

Photo via YouTube

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