Man Makes Celine Dion Music Video While On a Layover in Las Vegas

Richard Dunn

What would you do if you were essentially stuck by yourself for the night in Las Vegas? Drink and party it up all night in the clubs? Gamble with all the money you have on you and hope that you win big? Go see one of the countless shows that Vegas has to offer? Well, this guy, Richard Dunn, did none of that stuff and instead made his own Celine Dion music video for her song “All By Myself,” and the end result is hysterical.

The amount of time, dedication, and expertise it must have taken Dunn and whoever was helping him (someone had to be helping him because there’s no way he could have gotten all those shots and camera angles by himself, no matter what Dunn says on his Vimeo page) to make and perfect this music video is astounding. In all of my film classes while at school, I had days or weeks to do projects, and nothing I ever did turned out this good. Dunn shot this video in just one night, on his freaking iPhone, and it looks pretty phenomenal.

It’s still amazing to me that Dunn opted to forego the party and gambling scene in Vegas and do this instead, but I think that might just make me like the guy more. Any person with a goofy, self-deprecating sense of humor and drive to do something creative rather than simply wasting away money on shots and card games is pretty cool in my book.

Watch the video for yourself below and comment and let us know if you have a favorite part. Mine’s probably Dunn looking completely depressed outside the women’s restroom – it’s the perfect balance of sheer randomness and just plain weirdness.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

Photo via Vimeo

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