Luis Suarez is More Likely to Bite You Than a Shark Is

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Uruguayan soccer player Luis Suarez  is now known best around the world as the “player who bites everyone.” Suarez may even (rightfully so) get kicked out of the World Cup for his behavior, which has become an epidemic of sorts that needs to be stopped. In fact, over at, they actually calculated  the possibility of Suarez biting another person, and it turns out that it’s a much higher percentage than a lot of rare events that take place, including getting bitten by a shark. So, yes, your read that right: Luis Suarez is more likely to bite you than a shark is.

So just to quickly crunch the numbers: Suarez has bitten three players in the reported 441 matches that he’s played. Initially, that makes it look like Suarez’s biting rate is three in 441 but if you factor in that there are 14 players in total on each team (11 starting players and then three substitutes), that actually makes his biting rate three in 6,160, or about one in 2,000.  Now, if we compare Luis Suarez’s biting rate to other statistics, we can see that opponents who play against Suarez have a better shot at being bitten by him than being bitten by a shark (one in 3.7 million), struck by lightning in their lifetime (one in 10,000), dying from a hornet, wasp or bee attack (one in 75, 852), or being killed by a gun in the U.S. (one in 6,509).

Ultimately, I’m not seriously saying that Luis Suarez would actually bite a person off the soccer pitch or that this information is even sound, grounded fact. I just think that now, in the many years it’s been since Mike Tyson was boxing, we now have another infamous biter in sports that we can all make jokes about. So, if for nothing else, thank you for that, Luis Suarez.

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

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