Lowe’s Employees Stay After Work to Help Vietnam Vet Fix His Wheelchair For Free

Lowes Employees 2

A group of Lowe’s employees in Staten Island hung around after their shifts were over to help a Vietnam vet fix his wheelchair for free after it fell apart in the story. To thank the Lowe’s employees for their help, the veteran, Michael Sulsona, who lost both his legs by after he stepped on a land mine 40 years ago, wrote a letter to the Staten Island Advance and explained the situation.

In his letter, Sulsona states how his wheelchair has been breaking down on him constantly and that he has been trying to get a replacement from the Department of Veterans Affairs for two years now. When he was at the Lowe’s in Staten Island, on July 7, it broke down on him again, and when that happened, Sulsona was stunned to see the Lowe’s employees whatever it was that they were doing and jump to assist him right away.

The employees helped place Sulsona in another wheelchair and then “took the wheelchair apart and replaced the broken parts and told me, ‘We’re going to make this chair like new,'” Sulsona states.

“I kept thanking them and all they could say was, ‘It was our honor,'” Sulsona says in his letter. “The actions of these three employees at Lowe’s showed me there are some who still believe in stepping to the plate. They didn’t ask any questions, didn’t feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls. Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity.”

To thank the Lowe’s employees, Sulsona and his wife returned not long after with homemade cookies. They framed the photograph of the employees fixing Sulsona’s chair.

Also, according to Buzzfeed, after seeing Sulsona’s letter, the Department of Veterans Affairs has finally sent the vet a new wheelchair, one that he had been waiting two years for.

“We were very sorry to hear about the reported circumstances surrounding Mr. Sulsona’s request for a new wheelchair,” a VA spokesperson said to Buzzfeed. “We quickly investigated and can report the Veteran’s new custom wheelchair was delivered to him today and it along with his back up will be serviced by the VA as needed.”

Here’s a happy and grateful Sulsona with his new chair.

Lowes Employees Help Vietnam Vet

Photos by Ryan Lavis/Staten Island Advance

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