Louis C.K. Stole the Theme Song to His Show from WWE’s Ted Debiase’s “Money” Song….Or Not

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Louie is one of the best shows on television, and many people, including myself, applaud Louie C.K. for his unique vision and technique when it comes to making the show. Everything, from writing to directing to even editing, is done by C.K. himself, and it creates an incredibly original type of show. However,  we just discovered today that one major part of Louie  isn’t original – the show’s theme song. It appears that Louis C.K. stole the theme song for his own show from WWE’s Ted Debiase’s “Money” song.

This may seem like the most random connection ever (and it kind of is), but if you listen to the theme song for Louie below and compare it to the “Money” song heard in the Ted Debiase WWE clip, there’s no denying the similarities between the two. Louie‘s simple but funny repetitive singing of “Louie, Louie, Louie” is essentially the same exact thing as the “Money, money, money” heard in The Million Dollar Man’s theme music. Heck, the songs’ voices are even eerily similar, and both of them go deliver the same high pitched note.

Now, when I say that Louis C.K. “stole” the theme song for his own show, I don’t mean he legitimately, copyright infringing stole it. For a guy as well versed in pop culture and just plain life in general as C.K. is, there’s no doubt in my mind that he knew the “Money” song already and drew inspiration from it for his own show. C.K. may have even thought that it would be a really funny, subtle joke that only die hard wrestling fans would pick up on.  We venture to think that is the most likely scenario.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me – I still love Louie C.K. and I love his show.

Actually, it turns out that this is not true (even though we’d like to think his inspiration came from the WWE).  The real truth is that both Louis and the WWE decided to use the 1973 song “Brother Louis” by Hot Chocolate on their programs.  Here’s the real song.  But wouldn’t it be great if Louis was only thinking of Debiase and not the 1973 classic?

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