The Latest Premier League Outright Winner Predictions

The new Premier League season could not have a more dramatic start as opening two fixtures offered as many as 13 goals. Arsenal managed a late-gasp comeback win over shocking 2015/16 champions Leicester City in the curtain-raiser, while Watford stunned Liverpool with a stoppage time equalizer to make it 3-3 at the end in the second match.

It has been a phenomenal introduction to what we are up to in months to come. Most of argues between the fans are obviously connected to potential champions and it is exactly the segment we will be focused on in this piece. Manchester United are off to the best possible kick off to the new campaign with back-to-back demolishing 4-0 wins over both West Ham United and Swansea City.

Romelu Lukaku already has three goals to his name and he will be a terrific addition to Jose Mourinho’s star-studded lineup. Can Lukaku & Pogba lead the current Europa League holders all the way to the Premier League silverware? They are genuine candidates after such an impressive start for sure and you can back them to lift the trophy at 9/4 odds at the moment.

Their city rivals Manchester City remain the top contenders for the crown at 11/8 odds, but we honestly don’t see them being consistent throughout the season and we see much greater value in backing the Red Devils as the new champions at this point.

The reigning champions Chelsea got off to a shaky start with a shocking first round defeat to Burnley at Stamford Bridge, but Antonio Conte managed to bounce back instantly with the 1-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. The Blues are 13/2 to win the silverware, but we see them weaker than in the last season without the likes of Diego Costa and Nemanja Matic.

Next up are Tottenham who are well worth backing at 10/1 odds in spite of the mentioned home loss to Chelsea. Mauricio Pochettino’s main advantage is the fact the Spurs did not change the squad at all during the summer and we would not be surprised to see them in the battle for the very top once again.

Arsenal (14/1) and Liverpool (16/1) close out the famous Top Six list, but experts at betting tips 4 you don’t see any of them going all the way this time around.

Anyhow, the start of the season is super promising and we can only enjoy in what Premier League will have to offer in weeks and months to come.

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