Landon Donovan Goes to Work in a New World Cup Ad

American Express VIP Game Experience With Landon Donovan

Even though he’s not on the U.S. roster for the World Cup this year, my favorite American soccer player still is and always will be Landon Donovan, and the reason I like Donovan so much goes beyond just his play on the soccer pitch. What I like so much about the guy is his personality, which is on full display in a new World Cup ad that Donovan himself stars in.

In the ad, Landon Donovan jokingly shows what he’ll be doing since he’s not playing for the U.S. during this year’s World Cup, and what he’s doing is…answering phones? The commercial shows Donovan sitting in an empty LA Galaxy office by himself as the office’s main phone and his cell phone both keep ringing off the hook at the same time, causing him (as it would to just about anyone else) to go a little crazy. Ultimately, Donovan leaves behind the phones, shouting out, “Does anyone work around here?” and goes off to play a game of foosball against himself.

The LA Galaxy ad encourages people to “Skip Work. Watch the World Cup,” but what makes the commercial so funny, more so than just the general premise of it, are the details. Donovan has his own bobble-head and a replica of the MLS cup trophy sitting on his desk, while the background on his computer is the famous photo of him and the water fountain from New York Times Magazine. All that, plus the fact that Donovan is decked out in his full U.S. soccer uniform, just make the idea behind this whole video even more hilarious.

Let’s hope that Landon Donovan gets to show off more of his goofy, funny side when he”s doing what his actual job during the World Cup will be: being a commentator and analyst for ESPN. I’m definitely excited to have Donovan be a part of the World Cup, even if he’s not out there playing with the team.

Watch the video for yourself below.

Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for American Express

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